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Mental Health Therapy



If you are reading this, chances are you have been struggling with some past and current mental and emotional challenges and have been thinking about reaching out for help, but for some reason or another have not yet quite been able to commit.   Well look no further!  You have come to the right place and now is the time to begin. 


Nourish Wellness provides an open and safe, non-judgmental environment allowing you to feel heard, accepted, validated, and respected.  It is important for you to know that the end goal is to build on your inner strengths and resilience and empower you to find solutions that you can incorporate in your daily life routine so that you may live the life you deserve filled with true joy, passion and love.     


We have experience working with the following issues. 


Depression                                          Self-Esteem                                        Chronic Illness                                                  

Anxiety                                                 Self-Worth                                          Diagnosis of New Illness

Stress Management                            Confidence Issues                             Life Transitions            

Grief/Death of loved one                   Loss of Job/Friendship                     Major Life Changes

Abandonment/Attachment                Guilt/Shame                                      Divorce/Separation/Break-UP           

Miscarriage                                          Victim of Violence                             Sexual Assault/Rape/Incest

Co-Dependency                                  Addictions                                         Boundaries/Co-dependency

Life Stages                              


Mental Health Disorders:

Depressive Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

Personality Disorders

Mood Disorders


Here at Nourish Wellness we understand that having a healthy and meaningful relationship is not always easy.  Two people from different backgrounds with different experiences come together and have expectations and ideas of what the relationship should look like.  Problems and conflicts can arise causing strife and unbalance in the relationship. It is our belief that starting therapy early on can reap tremendous benefits to the couple and the individual.


We work with couples in all stages of development and whether you are just married, married for a while, in a long-term committed relationship, just starting out, or unsure if staying in the relationship is best, Nourish Wellness therapists can help.  We can help bring clarity, insight and an opportunity for greater healing and growth.  The process can be long, uncomfortable, and painful at times, but we recognize that it takes courage, commitment, hard work and joint effort to create and maintain long-term success.  The truth is no matter how challenging it becomes knowing and accepting that you are working towards a common goal is satisfying.    


We begin with a thorough assessment which help us, and you better understand and accept yourself and your partner.  The goal of Partners/Couples therapy is to manage conflict, emotionally reconnect, strengthen your bond, and maintain a respectful, loving, and meaningful relationship. 


We have experience working with the following issues:

Trust/Betrayal                                      Change of Priorities                 Infertility/Miscarriage

Intimacy Issues                                    Values/Beliefs                           Family Planning

Emotional Infidelity                             Defining Roles                         Loss of Child

Co-Dependency                                  Life Stages                               Illness/Disability of Child

Boundaries                                           Communication                      Mental Illness

Finances                                               Conflict Management                        


Therapy right now can help you and your partner:


  • Build Empathy, Trust and Respect

  • Recognize and Understand what is important to each partner

  • Communicate Better

  • Manage Conflict

  • Reduce Anger, Resentment and Frustration

  • Increase and foster Intimacy

  • Heal painful hurts from the past

LBGTQ Community

LBGTQ Community

Nourish Wellness understands that the LBGTQ Community has diverse needs and unique values.  Gay and Lesbian couples face the same relationship challenges however Gay and Lesbian Couples may have to deal with additional stressors in their relationships such as stigma, discrimination, and lack of family support at times.  Similarly, with individuals that are single, transitioning or questioning. 


It is our belief that every person has value, dignity and worth and deserves to be allowed to embrace their authentic self.   Nourish Wellness can help you with all the mental and emotional challenges you are experiencing by practicing affirmative counseling techniques.    We provide a judgment-free and genuine environment to make you feel safe and accepted and empower you to make choices that will help you grow and thrive.

Relationship and Family Therapy

Relationship and Family Therapy brings on a new set of issues and challenges in your life that often can cause you stress, emotional conflict, and turmoil.


Relationship Therapy

When you start relationship therapy the focus is on the role that the relationship itself plays in your life.  We understand that no relationship is perfect in the personal or professional domain. If you have relationships in your life that make you feel emotional and mentally drained, depleted and at times overwhelmed then you can benefit from our Nourish Wellness therapists who can assist you to identify and understand the destructive behavior patterns.   We can help you find and resolve the conflict or terminate it all together.  


Family Therapy

Family therapy focuses on understanding and treating mental and emotional problems and personal crises by working with the entire family rather than the individual.  The sessions are focused on understanding each family members thoughts, feelings, and behavior within the family unit, giving each member a voice.   It takes time and effort, but families can establish healthy ways of reconnecting and collaboratively work towards solutions.  Therapy offers families a safe place to be heard and validated and reestablish equilibrium.

Family Therapy right now can help you and your family:


  • Secure Relational Attachment between each member of the family

  • Learn new or better coping skills for handling stress and adversity

  • Understand family members with unmet needs

  • Lessen anxiety related conditions

  • Lessen Hostility or Tension in the Family Unit

  • Find healthier ways to connect and bond

  • Find Solutions to unresolved conflicts

  • Manage Work and Career Issues

  • Adjust to life with new baby

  • Adjust as a blended family

Relationship and Family Therapy


Nourish Wellness appreciates the aging process and relates to it as another stage of life.  Getting older means changes in physical, psychological, relationship, social, situations, behavior, environment, spiritual and intellectual domains.   People experience this stage differently based on heredity, lifestyle, and attitudes.  For some, there may be some unexpected challenges in adjusting to this Life Stage and there could be a range of emotions and behaviors present.  We can provide you with guidance and support to help you develop skills to prevent a decline in your quality of life.  


We have experience with the following issues:


  • Change

  • Sense of Grief/Loss

  • Isolation/Loneliness

  • Regression

  • Anger and Frustration

  • Acceptance

  • Unexpected Illness


Nourish Wellness is proud and excited to offer Telemedicine or Telehealth Mental Health Sessions.  Telemedicine or Telehealth is the process of providing services from a distance through technology, often using videoconferencing.  There are many benefits to using online therapy such as no transportation time or costs, and no time off from work.  Nourish Wellness uses a HIPPA Compliant Platform to ensure privacy and confidentiality. 

Therapeutic Workshops

Therapeutic Workshops:

Nourish Wellness offers a variety of Monthly Therapeutic Workshops on a particular topic or subject of discussion in which you will share knowledge or experience and learn new skills and techniques to incorporate in daily living.

Therapeutic Groups
Educational Workshops

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