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It Is ‘thankful’ season! Yes, everywhere you go there is a feeling of hope and light (mostly signs too!) of being grateful and appreciating all we have this time of year. It is so important to give thanks and be appreciative during this time and in everyday living, of course. Are we practicing gratefulness every day? (rhetorical question). Of course, we are. In everything we do there is a component of gratitude.

Expressing gratitude on a regular basis is good for your health. Research has shown that living in gratitude improves quality of life, self-esteem, and mental sharpness. It also has been proven that it helps you sleep better, strengthen your immune system, and feel happier. Yes! Who wouldn’t want that? (yet another rhetorical question).

Living in Gratitude is a skill! (Yes, that is right) It is something we must practice everyday to truly be grateful, appreciative, and giving. The way we talk, act, and FEEL affect our human bodies, mind, and spirit. Emotions rule the world! (or at the very least guide us) Gratitude is a feeling. It is important to focus on the good of life and to acknowledge it regularly. (like, every day)

This is why I have taken the time to list a few things (that you are doing already, I am sure) to help you enhance what you are doing or start something new. I challenge you to think about all the things you are grateful for.

6 Ways to cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude in everyday living:

1. Set a Daily Intention: Starting your day the right way is so important. Being purposeful about your day and what you want from it. Take a few moments each day to set a daily intention for yourself and for what the day brings you.

2. Journal: Writing down what you are grateful for every day is so good for the soul. It reminds us of what we have and how fortunate we are. It allows for our minds to connect with our hearts.

3. Practice Kindness: Do for others without expecting anything in return. Seek to understand and be kind. Do not forget to show compassion for yourself as well.

4. Gratitude Collage: Make a Poster Board (print or digital) showing all that you are appreciative and grateful for. Include family, pets, words, kind acts, and of course things. Look at it every day as a reminder of all that is in your life.

5. Practice Being Mindful: Paying attention and staying focused in every aspect and task of your life helps you appreciate and understand all that is. Take the time to slow down and truly participate in everything or task at hand.

6. Meditate: Practicing centering yourself, even for a few minutes a day can bring focus and enlightenment to your being. Sit with yourself each day and take time to reflect. By engaging in deep breathing techniques, you are slowing down and allowing the ‘self’ to be one with the universe. (ohm, ohm) So relaxing…

Let me know if this blog article was beneficial and informative to you and if this is something you want to start incorporating in your life. Nourish Wellness offers ongoing Therapeutic Mindfulness Events, Groups and Workshops. Please visit our Event Page on our website for upcoming dates and details.

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