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Dora Cario, LCSW

The Nourish Experience :  At Nourish Wellness we strive to provide treatment that is relevant and important to you.  We believe our body, brain and soul are all connected and work in collaboration with each other.    Our approach is to encourage you to access your own inner strengths and wisdom to promote healing and resiliency from the inside out. 


From the moment you schedule your free consultation to discuss your concerns and expectations you will be treated with the utmost care and respect you deserve as a human being.  There will be no pressure or judgment.  The consultation will be an opportunity for you to ask questions and decide on the appropriateness of fit based on personality and aligned values.  The client-therapist relationship is critical for your success. 


 If you decide to move forward, an Intake Appointment will be scheduled for a day and time that works for you.  The initial appointment will be to obtain some background information and develop a treatment care plan with personal and measurable goals.  Along with traditional talk therapy and evidenced based modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, act and commitment therapy and dialectical behavior therapy, the practice of integrative therapies, such as guided breath meditation, guided imagery will also be offered. 


To provide quality service through an individualized whole-body therapeutic experience by incorporating both traditional and integrative methods.


Our vision is to be Southwest Florida's Premier Mental Health and Wellness Center.



Nourish Wellness is invested and dedicated to every client that we serve.


Nourish Wellness is committed to providing quality services and exceptional wellness experience.


Nourish Wellness vows to be held accountable for their actions and behave in a trustworthy manner ensuring the client is treated fairly and responsibly.

Nourish Wellness pledges to treat every individual with the dignity and worth they deserve and to accept and appreciate their diversity as unique and authentic.



For as long as I could remember I have always wanted to help people.  I was never sure in what capacity, so I struggled early on.  I realized I wanted to do something that would have a direct impact on people, something that could truly transform lives.

I find it so rewarding to know that I played a part in helping another living soul harness their true worth and potential.   I am a licensed clinical social worker.  My job description as a mental health professional is to help people who are struggling in life at times due to many factors with a variety of issues.  My passion is to connect with others on a deeper level who are suffering and offer human connection, understanding, compassion and grace.  

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